Application Development & Maintenance Solutions
Our team of developers and programmers have the technical expertise required to help you streamline operations and administrative capabilities. The software development and maintenance solutions we provide are known to be effective, safe and stable solutions; used by retailers, manufacturers, bankers, pharmaceutical companies and government bodies alike. CATSYS can custom build applications to help your company function better too.
Our Software Philosophy
We believe every business has specific needs that require specific tools. In other words, the same software will not serve all users equally well, despite similar business models. CATSYS believes it is necessary to build up our software products to match the needs of a diverse clientele. Thus, every new client is another opportunity to tweak our software to maximise outputs and increase efficiency. Give us a call if you'd like to know more about your options, hardware-software compatibility and how we can help you best.
On-site & Off-site Support
The CATSYS team begins with an on-site investigation of your organisational practices to make a complete analysis of your requirements. Once the initial consultation is over, the actual designing and development takes place off-site. High speed data links and video conferencing keeps our development and maintenance team in constant touch with your company, during and after the development phase.
  You can also benefit from -
  Our resource saving on-site consultation
team + off-site development team.
  Our short application development
  Our usage of diverse platforms; we use
Microsoft and Java .
  Our expertise with the latest technological
  Our world class quality assurance program.
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