Simplify Life
Technology moves fast. Matching hardware to software is an arduous task when new technology becomes obsolete within months (as is often the case). Consult our experts to find compatible hardware to meet your budget and needs.

Upgrade your entire system or replace specific parts with newer technology. CATSYS is here to assist you in your search for old parts or new devices, and guide you towards that which will serve you best. Simplify hardware shopping with CATSYS's catalogue of the latest products.

Our hardware philosophy is all-inclusive. From the humble desktop to powerful multi-tasked servers, we get your requirements delivered, set up and installed within the desired time frame.

Access To The Best
Our existing dealership contracts with leading hardware manufacturers like HP, IBM, Dell and Acer (to name a few), ensures a regular supply of computers and peripherals for our clients.
  Upgrade your existing system with a single
phone call.
  Replace old parts easily or buy new devices.
  Short turn-around time.
  HP, IBM, Dell, Acer and other leading
manufacturers are only a phone call away.
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